Umrah Visa Requirements

Umrah Visa Requirements

As a travel agent dealing with Hajj and Umrah packages, one of the most frequently asked questions our staff comes across is, “How can I get Umrah Visa?” or “what do I require to attain an Umrah visa?” We at Noorani Travel Ltd have always made sure that our clients are served with premium services and all their queries are answered to their satisfaction. We have compiled a list below of the basic Umrah Visa Requirements. In case you still have any further concerns, you can give us a call on 02088193505. You can also visit our website Noorani Travel for details on Umrah packages. visa application.

The Saudi Arabia Visa authorities do not allow a person or group to apply directly for the Umrah visa. It is imperative that you contact an authorized Umrah travel agent and apply for the pilgrimage visa through them. You may find a list; by region, for all Umrah travel agents on haji information. Here are the Umrah Visa Requirements.


1) You should carefully fill up the original umrah visa application form. The form will be available with authorized Umrah travel agents. Alternatively, you may request your nearest Saudi Arabia Visa Consulate to send you one by post. Please ensure you fill in the form completely and duly sign it after having read all the terms.

2) The application form should also have an attached recent passport size photograph. Please note that the applicant must be looking directly ahead in the camera. The photo must capture a full-face view. Angled view photographs will make the umrah visa application form null and void.

3) Any applicant bearing a non-Muslim name will have to provide a certificate from the nearest mosque or Islamic center confirming that he/she is a Muslim.

4) In case you are not a UK national, you must attach proof of your visa status and copy of a valid legal stay permit with your Visa application form. Please note that if your UK visa status is either visit or Business, you are not eligible to apply for Saudi Arabia Visa for Umrah purposes.

5) You will be required to send your passport with the application form. Please ensure you have a valid passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of submission.

6) Every applicant must submit a vaccination certificate as proof that he/she does not have meningococcal meningitis. The said certificate must not be older than three years from the date of submission. It is advisable that you have the certificate on Hand when you enter Saudi Arabia.

7) You need to have a confirmed non-refundable Umrah ticket for any airline. New Saudi Arabia Visa law allows umrah travelers only a month period, from the date of grant, during which they can enter Saudi Arabia for Umrah.

Restrictions On Umrah Visa:

8) Pilgrims who have performed umrah or were granted Umrah visas in the last 6 months will not be granted a new visa.

9) Before you book an Umrah ticket, make a note that children under 18 cannot travel alone for Umrah. At least one of the parents must accompany them in and out of Saudi Arabia on the same flight. Also in the list of restricted travelers are a woman under 45 who are traveling alone. A woman must be accompanied by a mahram (father, son, husband or brother). Those above 45 may travel with written permission from mahram.

10) The Saudi Government bans pilgrims from entering their land with any kind of picture, poster or any written material that can be used for any political or other propaganda.

 11) The current Umrah Visa fees are £80. This may be updated annually. it is better to contact your Umrah travel agent in this regard.


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