Terms & Conditions

Contents of these Terms and Conditions

  • Your agreement and contract
  • Conditions for Delivery of Your Booking
  • Cancellations or Booking Changes
  • Terms and Conditions to Flight Booking
  • Payment Conditions
  • Passport, Visas and Health Requirements
  • Other Generally Applicable Terms and Conditions

Your Contract and Agreement

Whenever a customer order any services offered by the Noorani travel. A receipt is provided from our side when the customer pays the whole amount than Noorani travel will send you the confirmation mail. Noorani travel offers different products the term and conditions are explicit as per the nature of the product. Noorani travel is acting as a negotiator between customer and supplier. Noorani travel does not act as a participant to the contact between customer and supplier.
Noorani travels strongly recommend the customer to take the travel insurance, there might be UN systematic circumstances, which cannot be controlled by us.

Travel Suppliers

Noorani travel act as discloses agent for third party supplier, and for use of these terms and conditions tour operators, hotels, hotel chains and hotel aggregators, insurance and car suppliers, plus all airlines, shall be incorporated in the term ‘Travel Supplier, The contract lies in between the customer and the travel supplier. Your choirs are addressed to the suppliers. Noorani travel provides you with the details about the travel supplier it includes the name and address plus contact details. Noorani travel does not take any liability for the product and service provided by the travel supplier. Noorani travel makes no warranties about the quality and delivery featured on the site provided by the travel supplier.

Travel Supplier Conditions

All the terms and conditions for travel supplier also apply along with the terms and condition we have to disclose to the customers. It includes airline terms and condition. The supplier terms and condition may include payment process, default, liability, cancellation, changes and refund if they are available. Noorani travel strongly advised you to have a deep overview of the terms and conditions of the supplier. You can simply go to the supplier website and look into the terms and conditions.

Flights Booking Terms & Conditions

Noorani travel strongly advise you to look into the terms and conditions of airline fares, the economy restricted tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable. The traveller must have to use the flight to set out the itinerary, for example, if a traveller failed to use the outbound flight or the first stage of itinerary the rest of itinerary will be invalidated, the traveller must reach the airport before 120 mints of the departure timing of international flights, 90 mints in the case of domestic flights. Some airlines require reconfirmation of your return flight at least 72 hours before travel. The failure to do the reconfirmation directly with the airline will cancel your flight.

The management of schedules and cancellation for flights is done by airlines, Noorani travel does not take liability in flight schedules management. Noorani travel provides assistance through our customer services. We strongly advise the customer especially if they are travelling through an economy class that you check in early if you particular seat requests. Noorani travel does not have the control over the allocation of seats, Noorani travel does not take responsibility even if seats are pre-booked with airline .Noorani travel does not give a guarantee that specific seats will be available or not.

Direct (Flight)

The direct flight is different from the nonstop flights, direct flights keep the similar flight number and there are possibilities that flight may change the aircraft (equipment). The nonstop flights travel directly from the departing airport to the absolute destination without stopping.

Nonstop (Flight)

The nonstop flights are classified into the flight which directly reach the destination from the departure airport. Non-stop flights carry the same flight number till it reaches the destination, but there are possibilities flights stop to change the aircraft.


  • Special requests are directed toward the supplier or you may also ask the supplier for the special requests. Noorani travel does not take responsibility to fulfil special requests (disabled facilities, child seats, meals)
  • The travel supplier has its own rules and regulation in the case of a loyalty card, you may ask directly to the supplier for such concern.
  • If you are the member for any frequent flyer or the hotel loyalty program, Noorani travel will give you the options to enter the details, such membership is subjected to airline or hotels own terms and conditions, the most effective way is to contact them directly if you don’t know what are terms and condition in actual.

Delivery of Your Booking


After the compilation of the booking process, Noorani travel will give you the E-tickets or paper tickets. It must be kept in the mind airline has its own rules and regulations in the regard of E-ticketing. Noorani travel will not be responsible for any of the disobedience with the rules and regulation. Noorani travel advises you to update yourself with the rules and regulation.

Ticket Delivery

The most important factor for ticket delivery is that you must provide the correct and complete information. If you did not provide the correct information for example passport details, Noorani travel will not be responsible for any of issue in the result of this issue.

The customer must inform the Noorani travel with the correct address and telephone number, in the case you have given wrong e-mail or telephone number, Noorani travel will not be responsible for any of the lost.
customer must be kept in mind that the number and email you provide is must be in your assess. If the email is in your junk or you did not find the email or the telephone number you have given is not reachable. The customer will bear the loss.

Noorani travel uses Royal Mail 1st Class for the delivery of tickets, we suggest you keep an eye on the courier’s website for the progress of your delivery. If within 7 days of your booking confirmation you did not get the tickets to inform us but must be kept in mind that you contact us before the 48 hours of your departure. If you contact us before the 48 hours of your departure Noorani travel covers the reissue cost.

Some airlines costs for reissue of tickets, if you have lost your tickets, just contact us before 48 hours, you must stick to the timing otherwise you will bear the cost for reissue and delivery.it must be noted that it depends on the rules and regulations of the airline.

The request for the refund is subjected to the airline rules and regulation if you make a request before the 48 hours of departure.

Cancellations or Modifications Terms

The cancellation and modifications terms for any product and service depends upon the rules and regulations of a travel supplier. If customers want modifications or cancellation it is subjected to the rules and regulation of airline and travel supplier. customer can directly call or email us for such actions. Noorani travel assists you in the best way.

If the customer does not show up for the flights the ticket is cancelled. customer cannot ask for the refund.

The same goes for your car rental if you have missed the flight then you must ask for the cancellations for the car rental. For that, you can go for supplier terms and conditions or you can call Noorani travel. We will assist you with the most effective way.


The deposit for your flights is not refundable, we will not be responsible to refund if the package has been cancelled from your side, once it has been booked.

  • The validity of the passport must be of 6 months before you apply for Umrah visa.
  • Noorani travel will send your passport to the Saudi embassy but in any case, your visa application is rejected, Noorani travel does not take any responsibility for that.
  • The cost of visa may vary sometimes, please make sure you pay for the top-up, whatever the difference will come.
  • In the case your visa is rejected, the Noorani travel will apply for the refund you get from suppliers. Noorani travel will give you whatever we get back from the supplier. Under no condition, we are responsible for 100 % refund.
  • The Noorani travel will quote you as per the availability of the hotels, please be note that you will get the same or similar hotels what you have been quoted. You have to pay on the top of suggested hotels. Please keep in mind that under no circumstances you will get the 100% money back from the supplier.

Payment Terms

It is required that full payment for all flight packages is must be done at the time of booking. Additional charges are payable for car rental (additional drivers, optional insurance, mileage) as further set out in the supplier terms and conditions. The timing of the payment will be one of the following:

  • customers make the full payment at the time of booking.
  • Initial deposit at the time of booking and remainder on check out.
  • Full payment made by the customer on check out.

Please refer the payment summary whenever you make a booking or look into the verification email.
The collection by the payment can be made by the Noorani travel, the supplier or the selective re-presentative. The airline may charge some additional taxes. customers card details can be passed to the relevant travel supplier for the sake of booking, payment through any means other than pre-described methods stated in the site. Noorani travel will not take any responsibility for any cash payment or cheques sent through by post. Noorani travel and travel supplier will not issue any tickets, confirmations, vouchers or other travel documents. You are required to send all the amount to get the travel products and services.

Noorani travel is authorised IATA ticketing agent. The tickets will be sent by the Noorani travel with 24 hrs when the customer has made the full payment and payment has been accepted. The details for the acceptance of payment through major credit and debit cards are given on the site. In case of credit card additional charges incurred, supplier and Noorani travel has the right to recover from the customers. The notification for relevant charges will be notified to the customer at the time of booking, in case if card chargebacks Noorani travel has the right to pass on the charge relating to it. Delivery of travel documents, tickets or confirmations will be only be made to the credit card billing address.

The wrong information about credit and debt provided by the customer will lead the booking to the cancellation. customer must assure that the information given by the customer should be correct. Because late payment may cause the airline fare subject to fluctuation. Then the customer must have to pay the difference. To minimize the credit fraud, Noorani travel reserves the right for verifications which may include validation of name, address and personal information provided by the customer against appropriate database. The content of customers is being made by accepting the terms and conditions.

The performance of these personal information check provided by the customer, may be disclosed to registered credit reference agency, the credit reference agency may keep the record. Noorani travel advise that customer make assure it only include the verification of your identity, the credit check is not performed and that there will be no effect on your credit rating. Noorani travel assures you that all the information provided by you will be treated securely, according to the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Noorani travel may ask you to send the proof of your address, copy of credit card and billing statements through fax or post before issuing of tickets. In case of refund, the payment will be processed in the form as payment was received by the Noorani travel at the time of booking. The payment will be only be made to the person who has made the original payment. Exchange rate may cause the fluctuation in taxes. The payment for tickets made to the airline, in the case any issue with the payment, Noorani travel will contact you within 48 hours of your booking,(or within 24 hrs if you are travelling within 48 hours ) Noorani travel does not take the responsibility for fluctuation in the ticket price because of any failure for the payment. Noorani does not take responsibility of fluctuation in the price of the ticket before your booking is confirmed. The payment to airline and Noorani travel will be in separate transactions for any product of Noorani travel.

Passports, Visas and Health Terms

The validity of the information within this section is valid for British citizen only. Some countries impose the rule for a minimum time period for the validity of passport after you enter the specific country, typically 6 months. If the passport of traveller has the validity of less than 1 year. Noorani travel recommends you to ensure that you have at least have the validity for a travelling period of the trip. We advise you to consult UK passport web site at www.ukpa.gov.uk if your passport is final validity. Please look into the requirement of destination before planning to travel. Children who want to travel abroad must have to hold their passport if they are not included in a valid British passport.

The children included on a passport before 5 October 1998 may travel until the child is 16 years old or the passport on which children have included has expired or the amended passport which has been replaced has the same name as on the ticket otherwise children cannot travel, this results into the insurance invalidity. If any traveller name has been changed in the result of getting married after booking please let us know about that change as soon as possible so that we can do changes to your booking documents.

Please note Noorani travel advise the customers to contact your embassy for information, visa regulation for any country you want your visit may change. It is a responsibility for the customer to have the appropriate passport, sometimes it takes some time to obtain the visa, Noorani travel does not take the responsibility if they have not provided appropriate or complete documents. We recommend the British citizen visits the www.dh.gov.uk/PolicyAndGuidance especially the Health Advice for Travellers’ section. Other than British citizen can attain necessary information from their country Embassy office.

Other Generally Applicable Terms

The failure to provide part or the entire booking Noorani travel or the supplier does not accept the liability responsibility. The liability is limited to the direct loss in which compensation will be limited to cost you have paid for the travelling. Death and injury do not cause by the Noorani travel or the supplier so you may not ask for the compensation. Noorani does not compensate for the indirect loss in accordance with the use of this site.

Things to keep in mind while going for Hajj


  • The Aziziyah and Shisha building are standard building, there is no star ranking for these building such as 2 stars, 3 stars. The customer who has booked a 5-star package but you have a stay in Aziziyah or shisha building, you must aware of the standards of those buildings.
  • customer will get the rooms as per they have selected double/Triple/Quad as they are shifted to Makkah and medina. The stay in Aziziyah will be at least 5 to 6 people in the room.
  • Within regard to the stay in Aziziyah, you might face some issues regarding toilets and cleanses contact the leader he may help you to resolve the issues.
  • European tents will be provided while the stay in mina. Make Sure that each tent will be 40 to 60 sharing. European will be equipped with the Air cooler and sofa beds.
  • The walking distance from European tent to Jamarat will be 45-60 mints walking distance it depends on the pace of your walk.

Customer Behaviour Terms

The case of unsuitable behaviour which has effected or offended other people or causes damages the property belonging to others. The liability is on the shoulders of traveller.
Noorani travel or the travel supplier does not take the liability to causes of such inappropriate behaviour. The responsibility of travel supplier ceases in regard to your inappropriate behaviour, you will not be eligible for any refund and compensation for the termination, you will reimburse incur by the travel supplier for the termination,

Use of the Site Terms and Conditions

The provision on the sight is on an as-is and as available basis, Noorani travel does not take the liability in regard to the visitor’s ability to assess at any time or interruption from the customer side failure to complete any transaction. Noorani travel does not warrant that the site is free from viruses or there may lose or damage of other properties.

Information on the Site

The information provided by the Noorani travel on the site is for the purpose of direction only. The Noorani travel may modify the site any time, it may include the content, accessibility of supplier, features, information content or database. You must check the relevant travel supplier, embassy, destination or tourist office to confirm the guidance. Noorani travel does not take responsibility that information is up to date.it is the responsibility of the customer to comply and understand and relevant information for visas, vaccination and passport. Noorani travel does not guarantee that information on site is error and omission-free but we will correct it as soon as possible, as it brought to our attention.

Travel supplier fed directly for the hotels and accommodations.

User Obligations Terms

    • All the financial responsibility for all transactions must be accepted by you, under your name and account.
    • You must have the legal capacity and you must be 18 years of age


  • It is your responsibility to provide appropriate information about yourself or members of your household./
  • The site of Noorani travels not be used for false or fraudulent bookings.
  • Unlawful material transmission is expressly prohibited.

The content of the site cannot be used except for personal and non-commercial use.

Denial of Access Terms

Noorani travel can deny the asses any time without any particular notice.

Links to Third-Party Web Sites

Noorani travel may have external links or third party web site hyperlinks.
Noorani travel does not take responsibility for such a link.

Force Majeure

The Noorani travel does not take the liability for the failure of agreement cause by un-systematic errors for example flood, accident, storm, strikes, lockouts, terrorist attacks, or industrial action affecting supplier and Noorani travel.

Copyright and Trademarks

Noorani travel has all the copyrights and propriety rights reserved. The content, material. Graphics and trademark is the property of Noorani no one has the right to use this.

Privacy Policy

You are agreed to the usage of personal information by Noorani travel and its affiliates. In regards to the terms of and for the purposes set forth in the Noorani travel Privacy Policy. The privacy policy for Noorani travel is incorporated into the terms and conditions.


Noorani travel acts agent for licensed tour operator, the booking made by the Noorani Travel is ATOL protected. The booking only be protected when you have made the payment and you have received the tickets with 24 hrs of payment acceptance, ATOL gives protection to the customer who books and pay with in the UK, the booking which is ATOL protected is clearly stated in the confirmation email.