Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

The personal data submitted by the customer with their consent, this allow the agreement for the data. Noorani travel will take all necessary steps to keep your data in a secure manner in accordance with the privacy policy. So we ensure the customer for their personal data security as per the privacy policy. Noorani Travel Ltd is one of the leading Hajj and Umrah travel agency in the UK.

  • Customer Full Name.
  • Customer Email Address.
  • Customers Phone Number.
  • The concern for all the above requests is to contact customers.
  • In order to contact some of our valued services, Noorani travel requests you to select a login and a password.
  • We require customer business and personal email address in order to send him online booking verification.
  • The new member registration is verified through the special customer email services, the customer will have the preferences to get the travel offers through email. (customer can avoid such email services by simply an email request to Noorani travel).
  • Noorani travel keeps the record for your credit card number and its expiration order to ensure your booking(flights, hotels, transfers, Umrah packages).
  • Noorani travel would use your number to have direct contact with the customer if Noorani travel found a system error or human error in the information provided by the customer. (for example, if customer provide an invalid email).
  • Noorani travel gathers the information for your credit card into the domestic data base. So We provide access to the database only to the official staff.
  • To have an analysis of the advertisement campaigns, Noorani travel may ask you that from where you knew about Noorani travel.
  • Noorani travel log domain names and or IP addresses, and browser form for company inner site traffic statistics. IP addresses etc. So c
  • customers are not tied to give personal information.

Competitor Information Collection

Noorani Travel sporadically runs a competition on the site. So Request for personal information is made in order to contact you. Customers also have the option to add personal email in order to receive offers from the company side. So you can avoid the receiving promotional plans by simply sending us the email.

Information Sharing

The data provided by the customer is managed in a secure manner. We can use this data for market research and analysis. So mostly times Noorani travel has an expert for analysis and research for the market. Noorani travel may hire a 3rd party for the sake of market research and analysis. So makes always make an agreement with that 3rd party, for keeping the data secure.


For the sake of improving effectual and edifying experiences for visitors on Noorani travels site. So we keep permanent cookies. The next visit our site may ask to recover for those cookies)


So customers can visit the web sites by utilizing cookies, customer can simply block the cookies. So finally, if you want to know when your site is using a cookie from your hard drive, you can simply put an alert.

Privacy Policy Links

Noorani Travels web site may have some external links from other web sites. First of all, the customer clicks on these link you are clicking different websites. Noorani travel request you look into the privacy policy of those websites. So we don’t take any responsibility for those websites.


This website has complete security measures to protect the loss, So alteration, and misuse. The data shared by the customer on the site and through the site is in absolute security. We make the assurance that no unauthorized person can reach this data.