ZamZAM Water

Inbound Flights from Saudi Arabia sees thousands of pilgrims carrying packaged Zamzam Water Bottles. These pilgrims treat this special water as prized ownership and distribute the water as a sacred gift to their loved ones. A non-Muslim may wonder what is so special about this water. Why is it so revered? Muslims even don’t touch the Zam Zam Water Bottles in an unclean state.

Zamzam Water

For Millions of Muslims around the World, the story of ZamZam Water is that it was miraculously generated by Allah’s command for His beloved prophet’s family. Muslims drink this water to cure spiritual and physical ailments alike. It is revered on account of many Ahadees of Prophet Muhammad PBUH that stress the special status of Zamzam.

The Story of ZamZam Water:

The Zamzam Well is located 20 meters east of Kabah. The traditional Islamic story of Zamzam water recounts how Allah provided water to Prophet Ibrahim’s wife Hajra for her son, Prophet Ismail. Ibrahim AS left his wife and son in the arid deserts of what is today Makkah to fulfill Allah’s commands. The heat caused young Ismail AS extreme discomfort. So in a desperate attempt to find water for her son, Bibi Hajra ran seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah. So when Ismail AS got very thirsty, he began scrapping his heel and by the miracle of Allah, a water spring rose. In some versions, Allah sent angel Jibrail who kicked the ground and a spring came out. So Either version, this water spring is called Zamzam.

The water spring was named ZamZam on account of Bibi Hajra’s repeated command of Zome Zome – ‘Stop! Stop’ in an attempt to control the water flow.

ZamZam Water Well Today:

So Zamzam is a hand excavated well located nearly 66 feet east of the Kabah. It is a source of underground water from alluvium beds and bedrocks. So in ancient times, Zam Zam Water was taped using ropes and buckets. In the present day, the supply of Zam Zam water is one of the most advanced water supply systems using electric pumps and pipelines that supply the sacred water throughout the Masjid e Haram. The original well can be seen through glass walls in the basement. The operation, development, and maintenance of Zam Zam Water Well are the responsibility of the Saudi Geological Survey.

You can drink unlimited quantity around Masjid e Haram. The Zam Zam Water Bottles are available for carrying back home. However, when you book your Hajj Packages or Umrah Packages, do confirm with your travel agent the amount you can carry back. So it is good to know that Zam Zam water is not sold outside Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressly disassociated itself with any sale/purchase of Zam Zam Water outside the Kingdom and does not guarantee its originality.

Benefits of ZamZam Water:

  • experiments on Zamzam Water have shown that it contains relatively higher levels of Calcium and Scientific Magnesium. Because of this, the prime benefits of Zam-zam Water include a decrease in the level of fatigue with increased consumption
  • Zamzam water has healing properties due to higher fluoride levels. So it has been used for medicinal purposes in many spiritual healing centers across the world.
  • Dr. Yahya Koshak has presented his research that Zamzam water is free of any contaminants. The water at the source has no bacteria or germs. The experiment has treated the Zam-zam water in ultraviolet rays with no evidence of bacteria in this sacred water. The water also has no microbes. Zamzam water is referred to as water in its purest and original taste.
  • So in the research titled ‘Mineral Composition and health functionality of Zamzam Water, a Review’, it was found that the benefits of Zam-zam water included anti-inflammatory properties and increased endocrine immunology. (Int. J. Food Prop., 17(3) (2014), pp.661-677
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto of the University of Yokohama is another specialist of Zamzam water. His study concludes that Zam-zam water has high amounts of bicarbonates that aid in neutralizing stomach acids. Thus, this holy water can treat symptoms of acid reflux and other gastro issues.
  • German Scientist Dr. Knut Pfeiffer heads the largest medical center in Munich. He has presented his research that Zamzam water provides higher energy levels to cell systems in the body and thereby has the power to reinforce human cells.
  • Scientific research has concluded Zamzam water beneficial for use in pregnancy for the healthy growth of fetus and postnatal early development.

The Miracle of the Ever Flowing ZamZam Water:

Zamzam water is far away from other water sources. It is surprising that how five feet deep well has been self-recharging itself for centuries now. For centuries Muslims have been reciting dua for Zamzam water now and circulating Zamzam water bottles around the world without the well ever exhausting. The Holy Prophet PBUH has stated that Zamzam is the best water on this earth and it provides healing from all diseases.

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