Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia Prime City Jeddah

It is very likely that you would have heard the term ‘halal holidays’ in recent times. The term technically covers all the tourist destinations that have Muslim-friendly food, accommodation, and amenities. But you would be surprised to see Jeddah in this list of tourist destinations.  In one of the series of Saudi Economic Vision 2030 reforms, the Saudi government has lifted the ban to travel to other cities for visitors on the Umrah visa. In recent times the government has modernized the city of Jeddah to popularize tourism and tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia other than Holy Mosques in Makkah, Madinah and other religiously important heritage sites.

Tourist Attractions

Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s one of the oldest, biggest and busiest cities. It homes mesmerizing museums, historical landmarks, hustling beaches, art galleries, modern shopping malls, theme parks, and cafes and restaurants offering traditional and modern delicacies. If you plan to go on Umrah, do avail Umrah packages that have few days stay in Jeddah too. In fact, most December Umrah Packages have advertised Jeddah as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia after Makkah and Madinah.

Let’s discover modern Jeddah and visit these famous places that have been listed in most popular tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.

Theme Parks:

Theme park jedda

There are many Theme Parks in Jeddah that are family-friendly and offer great excitement to visitors. Your kids will enjoy the thrill rides, boat trips, skating, arcade games and much more at the Al Shallal Theme Park. The park is open seven days from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am Jeddah Time. This theme park also houses two restaurants and small shops and street food stalls.

If you are more into African Safari Theme Parks, you should visit the Jungle Land Theme Park located in Mersal Village. This is hardly a fifteen-minute drive from King Abdul Aziz International Airport. You will get to see live animal shows, circus performances, and thrilling rides.

The Atallah Happy Land Park is located on the Jeddah Corniche. This is one of the major tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia for video-tech people. This Theme Park had a 6-D theater, musical fountain shows, video games and indoor sports like bowling and indoor ice skating. The park also has more than 100 rides and offers a thrilling chance of rock climbing. These Theme Parks have helped Jeddah become a popular halal holiday destination.

Mall of Arabia and the Red Sea Mall:

Red sea Mall

destination KSA

The mesmerizing white interior and colorful LED lighting create a magical shopping experience. Spread on three floors and with hundreds of world’s most famous brands, the Mall of Arabia is a shopping paradise offering everything from designer clothes and accessories, electronics, beauty shops, souvenirs, and Saudi and International food. Mall of Arabia is not only a popular Jeddah destination but one of the prime tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia as a whole. Mall of Arabia also has one of the largest and most advanced cinemas in the country.

There are many local events happening in the Mall too. If you have Umrah packages on special days like Eid, December holidays and Saudi National day, you can see many happening and amazing events at Mall of Arabia.

Just like Mall of Arabia, The Red Sea Mall located on Jeddah Corniche also offers signature brands and a world-class shopping and dining experience. The mall houses a prominent tourist attraction; the world’s largest indoor Fountain. The indoor fountain with glass skylights is a vision in itself to see. Visit the Red Sea Mall website for more information.

Silver Sands Beach:

silver sand beach

Silver Sand Beach is a private area of Red Sea Beach. It gets the name Silver Sand Beach because the soft white sand shines like silver in the sunlight along turquoise waters. There is an admission fee of $40 per visitor that will cover access to sunbathing chairs, washrooms and change rooms. You can also visit small cafes for light meals. The beach offers scuba diving and swimming in impossibly clear blue water of the Red Sea.

King Fahd’s Fountain:

King Fahd's Fountain

This is the tallest fountain in the world. It goes up to 800 feet high and can be seen from many places in Jeddah. Located on the Red Sea, the fountain with its illuminated lights during the night time has become an iconic tourist place for visitors in Saudi Arabia.

Fakieh Aquarium:

Fakieh Aquarium

This is one of its kind aquatic zoos in Jeddah that houses more than 200 species of sharks, fishes, sea lions, and sea horses. There is a live dolphin show like that of Sea World USA that you can see for an extra fee. There are many sizzling seafood delicacies to try at the Aquarium’s Blue Ocean Restaurant. Visit the Fakieh Aquarium website and plan an exciting trip at one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia during your halal holidays this year.

Al-Rahma Mosque:


Known as the Floating Mosque, Al Rahma Mosque appears to be floating in the Red Sea when it is high tide. The Mosque is a beautiful representation of Islamic art and architecture. Al Rahama Mosque has modern lighting and sound system. It is also known for its Stained glass paintings.

Jeddah Flagpole:


This flagpole holds the Guinness world record for the tallest unsupported flagpole in the world. Located in King Abdullah Square, it hosts the official Saudi Arabian Flag that can be seen from many vantage points around the city of Jeddah. Jeddah Flagpole is the backdrop sight for thousands of tourists’ selfies each year. Saudis proudly call this as their best of all official tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.

Al Baik:


Al Baik is a popular fast food restaurant in Jeddah serving its unique recopies since 1974. It is known for its fried chicken and fried seafood and signature sauces. Al-Baik is a favorite food destination for locals and tourists alike.

Other Important Monuments:

There are many famous monuments in Jeddah. The bicycle square near King Fahd Road is a 50-meter tall metal bicycle structure. The Jeddah Lighthouse is the world’s tallest lighthouse. The lighthouse is not open to tourists but can be viewed from far as soon as you approach the seaport. The Globe is illuminated at night time with green and blue lights to display a world map.

If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia for halal holidays, talk to us. Noorani Travels can create customized Umrah packages for you to visit Jeddah also on the same trip. Our staff can guide you about popular tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. Do check the official Saudi Government page for Events listings that may be happening during your stay in Saudi Arabia. We take all pic from