Popular Muslim Vacation Spots

With smartphones abundant in our lives, going on vacations is one of the few ways families connect to each other. The majority of Muslim Households in the UK have both parents working. This means they spend comparatively less time with their kids. This is one of the reasons why multi-generational travel is being popular today. With the Brexit expected anytime early next year, Muslim vacation spots are being limited if you consider the financial aspects of Visa fees.

Noorani Travels is a reliable travel agency based in Hounslow offering cheap travel bookings, Vacation packages, cheap Umrah packages, and Hajj Packages. Our dedicated staff has gathered a list of Muslim Vacation spots that are exciting and budget-friendly. All these are Muslim Friendly Vacation spots meaning that there are Halal cuisines available and the minimum threat of racism. So this vacation, buckle up and keep spirits high for a fun and exciting vacation destination.

Famous Muslim Vacation Spots:

  • SPAIN:


The Court of the Lions, Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Spain is one of the cheapest European Travel destinations. And do you know Spain has Islamic history?  Cities like Cordoba and Alhambra have remnants of Muslim rule in the form of art, architecture, and cuisines. These cities are popular Muslim friendly Vacation spots. Mosques are abundant and you will find a lot to capture in your camera rolls. Do not forget visiting Gibraltar from where Muslim leader Tariq bin Ziyad entered Spain. Overall, Spain is not only a popular Halal Vacation destination but a favorite amongst the majority of Europeans too. You can expect it to be full of crowds and must, therefore, plan your trip very carefully.

  • Malaysia:


This is Southeast Asia’s most visited country. According to the Global Muslim Travel Index, a growing population and increasing access to Halal facilities make it one of the topmost Muslim Vacation spots in Asia. The index takes into account halal food, access to praying facilities, So Muslim shower toilets, Ramadan services, and non-halal vacation activities. Malaysia had an interesting mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu and Christian influences on its art and architecture and cuisine.

From metropolis Kuala Lumpur to Legoland theme park of Singapore, a coastal city of Penang, luxury resorts of Shangri-la and midland ferry ride, Malaysia has a lot to offer. The advertisement campaign “Malaysia-Truly Asia” has done wonders for Malaysian Tourism. It has become not only a popular Muslim friendly vacation spot but also a favorite of Non-Muslim travelers.



The throne to last Muslim empire; the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is full of Islamic monuments. It also is the final resting place of Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s companion Abu Ayub Ansari and the revered Muslim Poet Jalal-UD-Din Rumi. With superior Islamic art and architecture, local Bazars, grilled cuisine, countryside villages, So Blue Mosque and neo-modern Istanbul, Turkey is your dream destination for Muslim Vacation spots.

The World Halal Summit has declared Turkey as the third most favorite Halal Vacation Spot in the entire World. Turkey welcomes tourists on a visit as well as transit Visa. Istanbul Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. You can also plan cheap Umrah deals with a transit tour of Turkey for your family.



The Maldives was once thought to be a honeymoon destination. Over the years, it has earned a reputation of being one of the top family Muslim Vacation spots. Maldives shares close proximity to the Middle East and the Muslim influences from the said region are visible. A halal vacation to the Maldives will offer fun water sport activities and paddleboarding in turquoise lagoons. View spectacular white sand beaches and stay at world-class luxury resorts serving halal foods and facilities.



Brunei is indeed a much underrated Muslim travel destination. Boasting of rich Islamic background, Brunei offers a view of amazing mosque architecture and natural scenic beauty. 70% of Brunei is a rainforest that is home to rare wildlife species. Jungle Safari of Brunei is once in a lifetime experience. And do you know Brunei has safety standards of level one- equal to countries like Australia, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Of course, the dream family vacation for Muslims is Hajj or Umrah. Hajj or Umrah is Spiritual religious journeys and they offer peace of mind and escape from worldly troubles. So if you and your family are planning a trip to Makkah and Madinah- the most favorite Muslim Vacation Spots in the world, Contact Noorani Travel. We offer cheap Umrah and Hajj Packages. For details on Hajj and Cheap Umrah deals contact us at 02088-193-505 or email us: info@nooranitravel.co.uk. Our travel agency also delivers holiday bookings for other Muslim Vacation Spots.