Health Travel Advice if you Want to Travel Outside UK

Many people travel abroad for a variety of reasons. These could include business, holidays, attending family occasions or performing religious rituals like Hajj and Umrah. While most people do extensive travel planning, they overlook health altogether. This leads to problems pertaining to health upsets and having traveling restrictions for failing to meet vaccination requirements. Our dedicated staff has gathered useful Health Travel Advice for you. This overseas travel health advice is an integral part of our Hajj Packages 2020 and Umrah Packages 2019 and 2020. However, this blog will be generally useful for you if you are planning to travel anywhere outside the UK.

Health Travel Advice

Experts advise that travelers should always take travel insurance. However, you should choose an insurance package very carefully. This should cover your travel duration, destination and expected activities there. Travelers planning to visit EU states any time after Brexit should keep in mind that their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may no longer be valid if the UK has no express deal with EU post-Brexit. But in any case, EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance.  For travelers going on Hajj or Umrah, make sure the travel insurance suits your personal medical profile as Hajj and Umrah medical requirements can be costly if you have any emergency in Saudi Arabia.

To begin with, consult a travel health professional. In this way, you will have all the advice and prescriptions in one place. These risks include traffic and other kind of accidents. They also include food and water-borne diseases, diseases transmitted by insects or ticks and general temperature and climate-related health issues. For clarification, we have divided this article before travel, during travel, and after travel.

Health Travel Advice Before Travel:

Make sure you read the UK Government Official Travel Guide for your travel destination. Prudent travelers start preparing for their trip at least 4 weeks before intended travel. This will give enough time to cover any required documentation and vaccination requirements for the travel. There are some vaccines that need to be given weeks before so that the body can develop immunity. You can find medical vaccination requirements and travel health advice by country at TravelHealthPro.

For Hajj or Umrah travel, all vaccination requirements will also be briefed by the travel agent with whom you have booked your Hajj Packages 2020 or Umrah packages. All Hajj and Umrah medical requirements are listed on the official website of the Ministry of Umrah and Hajj for Saudi Arabia also. Please note that only Polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera vaccines are free of cost. Any other vaccination requirement will have to be paid out of pocket. You are also advised to keep your UK scheduled immunizations up to date. Your GP and the nearest pharmacy can guide you about the cost of vaccinations and where to get them done.

Another important aspect of overseas travel health advice is to carefully prepare a kit of essential health-related things. Make sure you carry painkillers, antiseptics, insect repellants, medicines for all pre-existing medical conditions with prescriptions for proof, antihistamines, thermometer, sunscreens, and sunburn treatments and a first aid kit with sterile dressings, gauze, scissors, tweezers, and plasters. You should add in other items like anti-diarrhea, rehydration sachets, mosquito nets, water disinfectants, and anti-malaria after carefully studying travel health advice by country at TravelHealthPro. Take protective clothing according to the destination climate.

Health Travel Advice During Travel:

The most important during travel overseas travel health advice is to take extra care in selecting your food, water, and other drinks. This part is more about precautions. Do not compromise your health in a thrill to try new things. Always make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables before consumption and also wash your hands. Try not coming in contact with livestock and other animals.  A pro-health Travel Advice is that you used packaged food and drinks only with clear expiry dates written on them.

It is necessary to know emergency helpline numbers for your destination. If you have any preexisting medical condition or have known allergies, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have any special conditions related to age or have immune deficiency, make sure you know where to go if your health deteriorates. If you are unsure about treatment levels at your travel destination and your conditions are severe, it is best not to attempt travel until and unless extremely necessary. You may be able to determine this with the UK Government foreign guidelines or travel health advice by country at TravelHealthPro. Lastly make sure you have protective clothing and sunglasses if required, during the travel.

Health Travel Advice After Travel

It is best to contact your GP after returning to general health conditions. In case you return with fever, diarrhea or cough with blood, stomach aches, jaundice, rashes or any other worrying symptom, make sure you seek prompt medical attention. Travelers cannot discontinue their malaria tablets and must complete their prescribed course even after they have returned. Your screening tests and vaccinations upon return will vary depending on your travel destination and most would have been communicated to you by your GP or nurse prior to travel. The same will also be available on TravelHealthPro.

If you had come in contact with fresh water or rivers and lakes during your travel abroad, make sure you enquire about schistosomiasis screening tests. The disease symptoms can appear as late as 12 weeks after the last exposure with water. Even if your GP does not have the screening test available, it may be able to refer you to a place that does have it. We hope that your travel would be uneventful without any medical disturbances. If you follow our Health Travel Advice before, during and after travel. Noorani Travels wishes you a safe, happy and lovely travel always!

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