Hajj Visa Requirements

Noorani Travel is an authorized Hajj and Umrah Travel agent operating in the UK. Our staff has diligently created a list of prerequisites to take care of when applying for a Hajj Visa. For further queries, you can contact our staff at 02088193505 or email us at info@nooranitravel.co.uk. Here, we discuss Hajj Visa Requirements.


  1. Hajj Applicants can apply for a Hajj Visa only through a licensed UK Hajj travel agency. You cannot bypass the requirement authorized travel agent for applying for a Hajj visa from the UK.
  2. The applicant must have six-month passport validity at the minimum and two adjacent empty pages.
  3. The Hajj Application Form complete carefully. You can request your hajj travel agent or nearest Saudi consulate to provide you with one.
  4. As per Hajj Visa requirements, the form should be signed and stamped by the authorized hajj travel agent you are dealing with.
  5. You must provide one (1) recent passport size colored photograph with a white background along with the Hajj Application form. Side or angled views are not acceptable by the Ministry of Hajj for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The applicant should face straight in-camera.
  6. The applicant must have a non-refundable roundtrip ticket with confirmed reservations.
  7. Minors cannot apply for Hajj if they are not accompanied by one of their parents or a legal guardian.
  8. Non-UK passport holders applying for Hajj Visa from the UK must submit a copy of their legal residence permit with the application form.
  9. Applicants with non-Islamic names must submit notarized certificates from Islamic Centers verifying their religion as Islam.
  10. Hajj visas are not issued to applicants who have performed hajj is the last five years.


  1. All women must have a Mahram fellow traveler. Mahram can be brother, father, son or husband. Proof of Kinship should be submitted along with the Hajj Application form. So if such documents were issued outside the UK, they should be translated and notarized by an authorized translation office.
  2. The woman above the age of 45 may travel without Mahram given that they travel with organized groups and the Mahram provides notarized written permission.


  1. HAJJ visa fee is £80 per applicant
  2. Each applicant will additionally be required to submit two certified/cashier checks payable to Unified Agents Office in Jeddah. These checks cover the cost of the guide, Zamzam water, Mina/Arafat accommodation, and transportation charges.
  3. For children between seven and fifteen, the Hajj Visa Fee schedule requires half of the check values. For children under seven, there are no charges. However, you must contact your travel agent for an updated Hajj Visa Fee schedule as there are always revised charges each year.


  1. Your hajj application form must be accompanied by proof of meningitis vaccination and ACYW135.
  2. Children under 15 must also provide proof of polio vaccination along with meningitis and ACYW135
  3. All applicants must take seasonal flu or H1N1 flu vaccine two weeks before applying for the visa. Visit HealthTravelPro before applying.


  1. Saudi Arabia law prohibits bringing in pictures, paintings or any other visual material that could be used for religious or political propaganda.
  2. The last day to enter Saudi Arabia on Hajj Visa is the 4th of Dhul Hijjah. All Pilgrims must leave Saudi Arabia before the 10th of Muharram.
  3. There are strict baggage restrictions. So contact your hajj travel agent for more details.
  • Maximum baggage weight:  32 kg [70lbs]
  • Maximum size:  56x45x25cm [20×17.7×9.8in].
  1. Only use authorized hajj cargo service for shipment of excess baggage.

Visit our Hajj Packages to see our offerings. We also provide bespoke hajj packages for our clients. You are advised to read UK government foreign travel advice for a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia before you apply for Hajj Visa. It is best that you note emergency contact details given on the official UK website.