Cheap Hotels for Umrah for Varying Pilgrims’ Preferences

Going on Umrah is an auspicious occasion for any Muslim. There are many hotels in Makkah where you can stay during your Umrah stay. Most of the time your UK travel agent has provided all Inclusive Umrah packages including hotel bookings. It is best to talk to your travel agent and notify your preferences for hotels during your Umrah. So our staff at Noorani Travels has gathered some tips to tell you how to book cheap hotels for Umrah.

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Factors Included in Choosing Hotels in Makkah or in Madinah:

  • Cost and Budgets
  • Distance from Holy Mosques
  • Other Amenities like wifi, taxi service, free breakfast
  • Nearby attractions like shopping malls, museums, etc
  • Availability

Some Popular Hotels in Makkah for Various Preferences:

For most of us, we prefer to choose hotels located near to the Masjid e Haram so that we can always look at the Holy Ka’abah from our room windows. Makkah Millennium Towers is less than five minutes’ walk away from the Holy Mosque. It has been one of a favorite with UK based pilgrims in the last few years.

In recent years, Makkah has been developed with other attractions such as shopping malls, Islamic museums, and international restaurants. Hotels around Abraj al-Bait Mall, popularly known as the Makkah Clock Tower are a choice for people interested in shopping and eateries. Hotel Fairmont Makkah publishes in many Umrah packages provided by UK travel agents. However, hotels around the clock tower may not necessarily be classified as cheap hotels for Umrah.

If you take a liking to history and are interested in the history of Makkah, you may find hotels around the Makkah Museum such as Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel.

Cheap Hotel for Umrah for Hikers:

Jabal al Nour is widely known for housing Ghar e Hira; the cave where Prophet Muhammad PBUH meditated. Today, it is one popular stay spot for tourists who are interested in hiking or meditating where their Prophet PBUH once meditated. Holiday Villa Bakka Hotel is a famous hotel providing relatively cheap accommodation for Umrah pilgrims.

So you can also look for Park Inn by Radisson which is at a 12-minute drive from Mount Arafat. This Mountain is again a historically important religious monument in Islam. Mount Arafat displays its magnanimity in granite and holds the Uranah Valley where Prophet Muhammad PBUH delivered his final sermon; Khutba Hujat ul Widda.

How Much is a Cheap Hotel for Umrah in Makkah?

There are more than 300 hotels in Makkah offering accommodation of various types and quality. You can find cheap accommodation for as low as £7. The average cost of hotels in Makkah fall around £75 for three days stay.

December is a popular visiting month because it is a universal holiday season in the majority of the world. Usually, July is the most expensive month for hotel bookings and March is the cheapest. But circumstances vary, leaving varying levels of implications for incoming pilgrimage numbers. Advance Bookings often turn out to be cheaper and hassle-free.

*All information given above has been provided by booking staff at Noorani Travel. We have provided actual data based on our past booking details. It should be kept in mind that this is historic data and does not mean hotels today or in the future will be provided at the same rates.

Always Review Services Provided by the Hotels:

You should always review your accommodation bookings very thoroughly. There have been cases where Pilgrims had cheap hotels in their Umrah Packages that did not actually exist at all. Read our blog on Hajj Fraud to know more.

The best way is to Google it. See online reviews of the hotels. Also, see what amenities are included in your hotel bookings. You should know if your hotel offers free breakfast, free wifi, taxi service, tour guides, and currency exchange facilities. So make sure you take advantage of free services to the best and know which services are charged additionally before using any.

Where to Stay in Makkah?

Check Kaya Hotel for the best guidance on hotels in Makkah. So if you book an Umrah Package with Noorani Travels, we can guide on all cheap hotels for Umrah and budget-friendly hotels in Madinah also. You can contact us here. We are offering 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5-star umrah packages and can design a customized package for you too.