Our Team

Our Team

We are not a team because we are working together, we respect, trust and care each other that is what makes us a team.

Team Structure:

We have highly trained agents serving you who lead by the area managers and PR managers who are responsible for our partnerships with the accommodations all around the world to make your spiritual journey comfortable and satisfied as you want to have always once you will be in front of your creator where he listen to you closely, where his streams of leniency always flowing.

Motivating Agents:

Our professional managers are always motivating agents and resolving their issues with their motivational speeches and exercises to keep staff up to date to maintain their interest and motivation in their work and provide the best services to our customers.


Every company stands out if the management is dedicated, so our managers are keen to their work and give assignments for every agent to stretch out their minds so that they can grow and can do better in the field.

Productive Communication:

Our managers and supervisors have keen interest to their work and monitors each individual’s conversations on the daily basis so there will be no room for miss commitments or difficulties when it comes to the deal of your spiritual journey. Never hesitate to tell anything to our agents they know what they are here for and what they are doing.

Friendly Environment:

We provide our agents with a friendly and brotherhood environment so whatever the sex, cast or moralities they have they don’t feel hesitate to work with, which makes them efficient and inspired to deal with anything that comes in place for anyone. We stand together and care each other to make our company best in the UK.

Customer Support:

Noorani travel gives their customers trust and satisfaction to build a long term relationship which gives our team pleasure to serve you. Our highly experienced staff knows the importance of a potential customer also that what is the purpose of being a part of Noorani travel so that you never feels like you are not in good hands or afraid to get ripped off by some buggers. We are here to serve you don’t hesitate to call us for your religious obligation as we never know when again time will allow us to meet with our creator the master of the universe . May he divine all his blessings upon us and give us a chance to get rid of our sins what we have done or going to do without knowing its retribution. Ameen!